Samaná shows another side of Dominican Republic

V Samaná's Beach

As stated by the American newspaper, Usa Today, most first-time visitors to the Dominican Republic flock to the all-inclusive beach resorts of Punta Cana, where packaged tourism has been polished, shined and sandpapered into a formidable product. While a beach, buffet and booze vacation will have appeal for many, there are some visitors who will pine for a more authentic Dominican experience. One option is to vacation in the less-visited Samaná Peninsula, on the Dominican Republic’s northeastern shore.

Is Samaná worth the extra effort?

Even though reaching this place takes a bit more effort due to direct international flights to the region’s El Catey International Airport (AZS) being in short supply, most visitors bound for Samaná will utilize connecting flights from Punta Cana or opt for a smooth two-hour drive from the capital city of Santo Domingo, along a new and modern highway. So why run the extra mile? Because on arrival, visitors will find a region that has its own remarkable history, superb eco-attractions, and unique hotels and restaurants.

The real challenge for those who visit Samaná is to observe this living culture without being invasive. However, to help you with this, visitors to Samaná will have a range of accommodations to choose from. Luxury resorts include Sublime Samaná and the all-inclusive Viva Wyndham V Samaná.

A paradise for Foodies

If you are a foodie, most restaurants build their menu around fresh seafood served with Caribbean flair. With the number of Europeans vacationing in Samaná, the dining scene has grown to include French, Peruvian, Italian, Belgian and Thai cooking.

Bottom-line, Samaná is the flipside of packaged tourism. The destination is a good match for travelers in search of eco-attractions and authentic culture.

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