Affiliated Companies


You will be able to enjoy the hospitality of one of the most recognized exchange companies worldwide, RCI (Resort Condominiums).
Club Viva will cover the first 2 years of your membership; this will be reflect in your contract. Exchange usage requires payment of a fee (by RCI) which varies according to destination. To use this service you must make sure that the destination hotel you wish to visit is in your inventory of options. You can do this by accessing the website

To make an exchange with RCI you only need to contact the reservation center and make the request. The minimum amount of points that can be exchange is 5,000 points and to proceed it is necessary to have your monthly payments and annuities up to date. We recommend that in order to have a better value of your exchanged week you contact us within the months of January through June to make your deposit request.

The RCI phone number is 1-877-225-5724.