You have the flexibility to use your points in the way that is most favorable to you. You can use them in a single, fun vacation or distribute them over weeks or weekends, or by room.
To design your next vacation you will have to take into account five variables that will determine the amount of points needed to travel. Destination, Season, Hotel, Room type and length of stay.
We recommend checking the points chart and seasonal chart
To get the best out of your Club Viva Points and enjoy the best alternatives each year we recommend that plan your vacations in advance; it is important that you know the diversity that your membership offers and enjoy a dream vacation.
If you do not have enough points to enjoy your choice, do not be disappointed, you have the opportunity to upgrade your membership level whenever you want. This way you will have more points every year and you will be able to enjoy more and better alternatives.
You also have the option to purchase Temporary Club Viva Points or purchase points at the time of booking.
This is the perfect option if you want additional nights without increasing your annual contract points, a larger room type; travel in high demand seasons, etc.
As a reminder, the more points you earn, the more fun, better seasons, bigger rooms and more of the world is at your fingertips.